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Purpose and description of virus sampling kit
1. It is used for the collection and transportation of clinical influenza, avian influenza (such as H7N9), hand-foot-mouth virus, measles and other virus specimens as well as mycoplasma, ureaplasma and chlamydia specimens
2. Virus and related samples are stored and transported within 48 hours in a refrigerated state (2-8 degrees).
3.Virus and related samples stored at -80 degrees or in liquid nitrogen for a long time.

Special Note:
A) If the collected samples are used for the detection of viral nucleic acid, nucleic acid extraction kits and nucleic acid detection reagents shall be used; if used for virus isolation, cell culture medium should be used.
B) Different application fields have different requirements on the loading amount of sampling liquid. Please select the appropriate product according to the instructions in the ordering information:
For virus sampling tube to collect virus samples from clinical patients, the amount of liquid required is generally 3.5ml or 5ml.
For virus sampling tube collection and short-term transport of avian influenza virus in the external environment, the amount of liquid required is generally 5mL or 6ml.

Product Specification
Product Name: Disposable virus sampling tube
Size: 18mm*100mm 50/box the individuals include tube*1, swap*1.
Virus sampling tube main components:
Hank’s liquid base, gentamicin, fungal antibiotics, BSA (V), cryoprotectants, biological buffers and amino acids.
On the basis of Hank’s, adding BSA (the fifth group of BOVINE serum albumin), HEPES and other stable components of the virus can maintain the activity of the virus in a wide range of temperature, reduce the decomposition rate of the virus, and improve the positive rate of virus isolation.

Usage of Virus Sampling Kit
1. Before sampling, mark relevant sample information on the label of the sampling tube.
2. According to different sampling requirements, swab is used to sample at the corresponding site.
3. Quickly place the swab into a sampling tube.
4. Break the part of the swab above the sampling tube and tighten the tube cover.
5. Freshly collected clinical specimens should be transported to the laboratory within 48 hours at 4 ° C, and those that fail to be transported to the laboratory within 48 hours should be stored at -70 ° C or below. Specimens should be inoculated and separated as soon as possible after they are sent to the laboratory. Those that can be inoculated and separated within 48 hours can be stored at 4℃.If not inoculated; it should be stored at -70℃ or below.

Pharyngeal swab: Wipe both pharyngeal tonsil and posterior pharyngeal wall with a swab, again immerse the swab head in the sampling solution, and remove the tail.(Suitable for sampling with this product)


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