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Company’s Profile

Shandong Limeng Pharmaceutical Company was founded in 1993, now it has owned the modern traditional Chinese medicine, health-care food, cosmetics production workshop, medical apparatus and instruments workshop, sterilization supplies workshop and traditional Chinese medicine extraction workshop, and all of them have passed the hundred-thousand purification workshop certificate. The company has always been adhering to the development concept of high-tech orientation, and industry-university-research cooperation. It has one professional R&D team, technical backbone and technicians. The company strives to develop the brand strategy, and the brand "Limeng" was awarded as the Municipal Famous Trademark of Jinan in 2012.

Currently the company has the medical apparatus and instruments workshop of more than 2,000 square meters, the standard health-care food workshop of 10,000 square meters, and the dosage forms include capsules, tablet, granules and powder etc. In order to expand the production capacity of company, improve the types and structure of products, our company has expanded the large production base of more than 30,000 square meters, the production types cover dozens of categories e.g. traditional Chinese medicine extraction and deep processing, candies, instant foods, substitutional tea, dairy products, oral solution, emplastrum, cosmetics, functional foods and leisure foods etc. 


Hardware Facility of Limeng Pharmaceutical

Hardware Facility

The company has five standard workshops at present, in which the health-care food workshop is 2,000 square meters, cosmetics workshop is 2,000 square meters and QS production workshop is 3,000 square meters, medical apparatus and instruments face mask workshop is 200 square meters, disinfection and sterilization product workshop is 1,000 square meters. The cleanliness class of workshop can all reach the hundred thousand, and they all have passed the certificate of Shandong Provincial Food and Drug Administration.

Currently the medical apparatus and instruments workshop has five full-automatic face mask production lines with the daily production capacity reaches 400,000. The disposable protective face mask and disposable medical mask have all passed the detection.

The health-care food workshop has more than 20 advanced capsule, tablet, granule, medicinal tea production lines, and automatic packing lines, which can produce almost 50 categories of four dosage forms. The company is having more than 70 sets of extraction equipment and more than 20 capsule production lines with the annual production capacity is 1 billion; It has five tablet production lines with the annual production capacity is 200 million; It respectively has 10 granule production lines and 10 medicinal tea production lines with the annual production capacity is 300 tons.

There are several sets of advanced production equipment that can produce the general liquid unit and cream&lotion unit in the cosmetics workshop, and the products include hand sanitizer, sanitizing gel, and facial masks etc. hot products.

It respectively has one instant drinks workshop and 1 candy QS certificate workshop. Through introducing the advanced full-automatic production equipment at home and abroad, its featured dosage forms include solid beverage, gel candy, tablet candy etc.


Our team

The company has more than 200 employees currently, in which there are 30 management personnel, 30 scientific research personnel, 50 sales personnel and more than 150 production personnel. All management and scientific research personnel have the college degree or above, in which 13 persons have the senior professional titles and 25 persons have the medium-grade professional titles; the production personnel are all the graduate students from medical and pharmaceutical colleges of Shandong Province, as well as start work upon the qualified training. 

Our concept

The company advocates the enterprise management concept "Survive on Quality, Develop on Credit, Oriented with Technology, Profits on Management". It strictly implements the relevant laws and legal regulations to perform the production and management, introduces the advanced management mode of effectively integrating the technology, production, market into the enterprise, and achieves the significant results, which lays the solid foundation for the enterprise to develop to another new level and create a brilliant century.